Play the Game

We welcome past players and new members.

Croquet is said to be a cross between Golf and Chess. Croquet is intellectually challenging and can be played at any age.
Even if you have never played ball sports, come and try Croquet, You will surprise yourself.

There are 3 disciplines of croquet played at Graceville Croquet Club.

  • Association Croquet is the traditional form of the game.
    There is a lot of strategy involved.
  • Golf Croquet is the fastest growing version of the sport. It is
    simple to learn and play, however there is a certain amount of strategic skill to keep challenging you and to be successful.
  • Ricochet Croquet is an easy to learn version which can easily be used as a step up to Association Croquet


Free Coaching is available and we are happy to offer a
“Come and Try Package” Email us on or phone us on 0428 070 861
to find out more.


If you enjoy the game, whether you are new to the sport or have played before we would love to hear from you.
Our membership fees are $400.00 annually and green fees are capped at $10.00 per week.
We have mallets available for use for new members and those wanting to come and try the game without having to purchase any sporting equipment. You only need flat shoes, sunscreen, a hat and a water bottle.